Unsung Heroes behind the Legend of Doctor Who

The Inspiration:

(freehand, painted in oils)

This is my tribute to the greatest science fiction show of them all and some of the people behind the scenes who made the TV program a reality in 1963.

In portrait monochrome we have behind the scenes heroes:

(top row) RON GRAINER, at his home in Marylebone , London 1963 (Doctor Who original theme music composer)

DELIA DERBYSHIRE, at the Radiophonic Workshop at Maida Vale, London in 1963 (Doctor Who original music score composer)

(bottom row) MR BEAVERSTOCK, the Controller of the BBC in 1963. He identified the need for a family show on the BBC on a Saturday evening.

C E WEBBER, who wrote the first Doctor Who concept proposals to Sydney Newman.

DAVID WHITAKER, was the early Doctor Who story editor and writer and responsible for many great story lines including Power Of The Daleks and Enemy Of The World (Lost episodes found in 2013).

DONALD WILSON, was Sydney Newman’s boss and Head of the Series.

SYDNEY NEWMAN, from Canada became Head Of Drama in 1962 and he made Doctor Who a reality.

VERITY LAMBERT, cast the original four main characters for Doctor Who and she became the programs Producer (writers and production)

Meanwhile in the ‘eye of harmony’ we meet Doctor’s 8 and 9 from different time zones knowing they must close the eye.

This eye shape was symbolic and used as part of Doctor’s graphics for the program’s re-appearance on our TV screens in 2005

See PRESS on front page of Radio Telly Scope magazine (Ninth Incarnation painting-Christopher Eccleston Review inside) Issue 31, November/December 2005



Original Doctor Who theme 1963

Delia Derbyshire arranging the original Doctor Who theme

Doctor Who

Kevin Alun Parrish © 2005

Price: £350