Artist’s Statement

As a Fine Artist I am always looking for TIMELESS BEAUTY here on Earth and in the celestial.

I am a fan of so many people and I very often find it through them, whether they are luminaries/celebrities (musicians, visual artists, comedians, philosophers for example) or someone I have just met on the tennis court, or in the street.


I listen to what they have to say, whether through listening to the lyrics of a song, or simply their words of wisdom which I consider to be important for the future and who can make the world a better place.

I use them as a conduit to help me express myself as as artist on the canvas.

For example it could be a musician singing about the importance of the natural world or the celestial or both.

Of course I find TIMELESS BEAUTY in the natural world whether looking at the landscape or in the sky, or at an historical building.

If I feel inspired, I create a sketch to start with, to include all the elements needed for the final composition, sometimes with a traditional approach, sometimes with a surreal approach, depending on the genre.


I use photographic material along with my imagination to help create these compositions.

In the case of a luminary, with their song, I listen carefully to the lyrics and the overall feel of the song and how it affects me emotionally.

From this my visual thoughts emerge.

Some of my images have led to commission work from art lovers who want a similar style in their chosen genre.

I paint from the heart and paint what I believe in.
My overall message to all is of Love, Peace and Harmony.

Our Fragile Home

(freehand and painted in oils)

Self portrait looking on our Home world across our Moons surface.

Planet Earth, our Home world is a beautiful place. It is all that we have to stand on you and I.

It is our life.

We follow the Sun giving us light and life, as we move through the Universe at 67,000 miles per hour.

 We all need each other to enable us to live on this planet, our Moon, giving us our seasons and ocean tides,

Our trees, mountains, flowers, birds, insects, animals, are all an important part of our very existence.

We must learn to understand nature more and work with it in a now material and consumer world.

We must change, as we seem to have forgotten the true natural thread that keeps everything in order and become more aware that the best things in life are free.

Love conquers all

My hopes, wishes and dreams




Kevin Alun Parrish

(Artist and Philosopher)