An Unearthly Child (See Press/Media)


The Inspiration:

(freehand painted in oils)

This image was inspired by watching the mesmerising classic first episode of Doctor Who in November 1963. From then on I was completely hooked on the TV program and have been a fan ever since. The stories were believable to me as an impressionable child of 10.

William Hartnell is my favourite Doctor. I think he was at his best when he was working with Carole Ann Ford, Russell Enoch and Jacqueline Hill during the first few stories. I felt there was a real chemistry between them on screen.

This image was used as part of a Doctor Who (Legends who’s Who) Jigsaw Puzzle published and licensed by K D publishing Ltd in 2007.


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Doctor Who

 Kevin Alun Parrish © 1996

Price: £295