Parrish featured in newspapers, magazines, fanzines, brochures, catalogues, videos etc.


  • Kevin’s art on show at “Art in the Bar” Exhibition at Leamington Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, Leamington Spa. 30 November 2019 (10am-5pm)

  • Kevin’s art on show at Open Art Exhibition at East Lodge, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa from 20 November-22 December 2019 (10am-3-30pm Wed-Sun)

  • Kevin’s steam railway art featured in “The Cornishman” magazine no 151 winter 2019

    the planets favourite praire at gotherington

    the Planets favourite Praire at Gotherington

    cornishman 151 3


    “Peninsula and Oriental” 35006 at Broadway (centre pages)


  • Kevin’s rail art featured in LMS Patriot Project 2020 calendar for March “The Train Spotter”

    The LMS Patriot Project creating the new national memorial engine

    Calendar 2020

    patriot project 2020 calendar P1050988

    patriot project 2020 calendar P1050989

  • Railart 2019 Art Exhibition

    See Kevin’s latest piece of Railway Art  (celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Guild of Railway Artists) at Kidderminster Railway Museum from Sat 17th Aug (1400) to Sun 29 Sept 2019

  • kevin’s art featured in wheel and palette journal (guild of railway artists) summer 2019

    w and p GRA june 2019 article (copy)

    Patriot Project News

  • artspace 50 journal (leamington studio artists)


    Kevin’s art featured in Leamington Studio Artists Journal Spring 2019

    artspace 50 0




    artspace 50 2

    artspace 50 2

  • kevin’s artwork featured in the cuneo society journal volume 4 number 6 Winter 2018/2019

    cuneo society journal vol4 number 6 iccuneo society journal vol 4 number 6 kap1cuneo society journal vol 4 number 6 kap2cuneo society journal vol 4 number 6 kap3cuneo society journal vol 4 number 6 kap4


  • Kevin recognised as a Full Member in Guild of Railway Artists, Wheel and Palette magazine Winter 2018

    w and p fcover gra dec 2018

    Wheel and Palette Newsletter Winter 2018


  • “Skill of railway artist recognised” Leamington Courier newspaper article 9 November 2018