Doctor Who Gallery

I have been an avid watcher of the legendary TV programme Doctor Who (an adventure in space and time) from its opening episode, first transmitted in November 1963.
Perhaps my favourite episode is the first Dalek story on planet Skaro with the Thals called the Dead Planet.
I remember at the time reading the Dalek story through the David Whitaker paperback and the Dalek Book published in 1964, which featured photographs of the Dead Planet story portraying Susan (the Doctors granddaughter).
I also enjoyed watching the two Dalek films with Peter Cushing as the Doctor during my childhood at the Picture House in Erdington Birmingham, during 1965 and 1966 in the UK.
Since then I have been inspired to create many Doctor Who related images over the years, including the classic and the new series, in oil paints, after watching the Doctor’s adventures.
I have heard it said that watching Doctor Who, going to its conventions, keeping up to date with all the merchandise is better than real life,
A form of escapism.
There have always been strong moral and ethical messages running through the stories , which for me is partly the appeal for the show.
But Doctor Who works on so many levels, with a wide diverse audience and a massive fan base which lives on today..
It has a TIMELESS BEAUTY of its own and has become a monster (excuse the pun) around the globe
This page is a tribute to the great legendary TV programme and it has made the world a better place.
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