Doctor Who Gallery

Kevin has been an avid watcher of the legendary TV programme Doctor Who (an adventure in space and time) from its opening episode, first transmitted in November 1963.
Perhaps his favourite episode is the first Dalek story on planet Skaro with the Thals called the Dead Planet.
He remembers at the time reading the Dalek story through the David Whitaker paperback and the Dalek Book from 1964, which featured photographs of the Dead Planet story portraying Susan (the Doctors granddaughter).
He also enjoyed watching the two Dalek films as a child at the Picture House in Erdington Birmingham, during 1965 and 1966 around the UK.
Since then he has been inspired to create many Doctor Who related images over the years in oil paints, after watching the Doctor’s adventures and this page is his tribute to the great legendary TV programme.
Original oil paintings are for sale as indicated.
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