The Moody Blues Gallery

Listening to the album Question of Balance in the early 1970s for the first time, Kevin became absorbed with their timeless, melodic, uplifting, symphonic rock music and their lyrics of peace, love, harmony and words of wisdom by following the inner sleeve lyric sheet(s).
He was also fascinated by the gatefold sleeve, which he had never seen before on vinyl LPs and came to appreciate the artwork on the cover by artist Phil Travers.
Kevin believes Phil’s art captures the essence of the Moodies music visually on their album covers and on their solo albums.

After listening to their other albums at the time he became more aware of the Mellotron sound and how atmospheric and timeless it was. It sounded cosmic and really uplifting along with the haunting flute playing and voice harmonies.
Kevin felt inspired to do a tribute to the great band by creating portrait montages of the band and he has enjoyed sharing his artwork over the years through the Moody Blues Fan Club and it has been a pleasure meeting some of fans in person at their concerts and at my art studio.

Enter the “inner sanctum” of The Moody Blues below.
Original oil paintings are for sale where indicated and giclee prints are available on all images. Contact the Artist.