Local Scenes Gallery

There is plenty of inspiration for the creative visual Artist living around Royal Leamington Spa.

Jane Powell Art Studio (Nostalgic Themes and Doctor Who Solo Exhibitions 2001-2002)

Kevin was Invited to become Resident Artist at the Jane Powell Art Studio (Banks Gallery) based at Kenilworth UK in 2001. where he had a successful solo Exhibition.

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Local Scenes

A plethora of scenic beauty can be found in the leafy County of Warwickshire where Kevin lives. It leaves the creative Artist spoilt for choice trying to decide what scene to paint next, architecturally or otherwise. Original oil paintings are for sale as indicated. Giclee prints are available on all images. Contact the Artist.

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The Warwick Collection

In 2009, The MITCHELL GALLERY based in Warwick UK commissioned Kevin, the Artist, to create a series of monochrome oil paintings to form a collection portraying scenes of some of Warwick's historical buildings mostly at night after recent rainfall. After successful solo exhibitions hosted by the Gallery in 2009 and 2012, the gallery continued to promote the Collection and showcased them permanently at the rear of the premises, with many sales coming from art lovers who Kevin had the pleasure to meet and share his artwork with, until its closure in 2018. The Warwick Collection was always an exhibit highlight at the Gallery especially on annual Victorian Evenings towards the end of November in Warwick town. These images, including original oil paintings, framed prints, embellished canvas prints and greeting cards with envelopes were called THE WARWICK COLLECTION. Although virtually all of the original oil paintings are now sold THE WARWICK COLLECTION including greeting cards with envelopes giclee prints are available by contacting Kevin. Contact Kevin on 01926 332708 or email: parrish@quicknetuk.com to find out more. The Mitchell Gallery closed in March 2018.

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