Outer Space Gallery

Astronomy is one of my hobbies. The beauty and wonder of looking at a clear night sky is something to behold.
The more we learn about ourselves, the less we seem to know as we reach out to the Stars.

Apollo Moon Landings

As a visual artist who has always been interested in Astronomy, I have here paid tribute to mankind's greatest achievement ever by landing a man on the moon in the summer of 1969 by creating a couple of appropriate oil paintings. I remember watching this wondrous event live on the BBC TV at 3 am in the morning with me and my family watching the touchdown and the astronauts emerging from the Apollo Lunar Module described by James Burke and astronomer Patrick Moore An exciting time to be a teenager watching all this and knowing history was being made. Little did I know that the manned missions would end in 1972 with the final moon landing of Apollo 17 . Furthermore there have been no more manned moon landings since, with space travel taking a different direction. Visit the NASA website to find all the background to these astounding Apollo missions to the Moon at https://www.nasa.gov/ BOTH IMAGES ARE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS FOR SALE. PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE. SIZE 16IN X 12IN

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Our Fragile Home

Planet Earth, our Home world is a beautiful place. It is all that we have to stand on you and I. It is our life. We follow the Sun giving us light and life, as we move through the Universe at 67,000 miles per hour. We all need each other to enable us to live on this planet, our Moon, giving us our seasons and ocean tides, Our trees, mountains, flowers, birds, insects, animals, are all an important part of our very existence. We must learn to understand nature and biodiversity more and work with it in an ever growing greedy material and consumer world. We must change, as we seem to have forgotten the true natural thread that keeps everything in order and become more aware that the best things in life are free. Love conquers all! My hopes, wishes and dreams Understanding Biodiversity can be found here at https://www.worldwildlife.org/pages/what-is-biodiversity

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What Are You Doing About The Millennium?

The approaching Millennium in the year 2000 inspired me, the Artist, to create a montage painting, working in collaboration with a licensing art agency called Intercontinental Greetings based in New York City USA.

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Why Beauty Matters

Over the years there seems to have been a massive disconnect with the natural world around us. Living in the natural world is a place of TIMELESS BEAUTY. We should respect it and work with nature in what we do and it should be part of our lives if we are going to survive and live and enjoy life as we know it. THE IMAGE IS AN ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING FOR SALE. PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE. SIZE 16IN X 12IN

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