Lord Leycester Hospital in Moonlight, Warwick

The Inspiration:

(freehand and painted in water based oils)

Commissioned by the Mitchell Gallery, Church Street, Warwick UK. and my love of historic Warwick.

The building dates back to 1571 and is used as a retirement home for Ex. Serviceman, who in return, give their services running the Hospital.

I wanted to portray the Hospital in a Dickensian/Victorian feel.

The Chapel building dates back to 1126 and is one of a cluster of medieval buildings, as part of the Hospital.

The Lord Leycester has been used for location filming over the years for various TV programs, including Doctor Who (see Doctor Who Locations website to find the above image.)

It is used for public weddings and is a tourist attraction.

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img183 - Copy

Pencil sketch

© Kevin Alun Parrish 2009