Mike on Mellotron (featured in Friends of Mike Pinder magazine 1997, USA)


The Inspiration:

(freehand painted in oils)

Mike Pinder used to work at Streetly Electronics, Birmingham UK in the 1960s where he developed the sound of the keyboard instrument, the Mellotron. He used it to great effect on the Moody Blues sound and later on his solo projects.

Mike introduced the instrument to the Beatles in the 1960s, where it was used on the Sergeant Peppers album in 1967.

Mike’s songs are very uplifting to listen to, especially with the atmospheric sound of the Mellotron, in my opinion.

See PRESS article in Higher and Higher (Moody Blues) magazine USA. Issue 39 and 40, 1998- 1999 ‘A present of coincidence’

See PRESS article in Have You Heard: The Friends Of Michael Pinder newsletter Issue 9, 1997. ‘One creative step beyond’

Moody Blues

Kevin Alun Parrish © 1996

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