Road and Rail (near Solihull Station)

The Inspiration:

Freehand and painted in water based oils

Commissioned by Jerry Birkbeck, owner of MG cars portrayed in this painting driving his vehicle.

Father and son emerge from Solihull Railway Station on the left into Blossomfield Road Solihull.

The son looks up to wave to the engine driver of Clun Castle class locomotive no 7029 as it departs from Solihull Railway Station with his express passenger train crossing the bridge.

While the Father is captivated by the eye catching MG vehicles passing by on the road below.

A period scene from the 1950s.

sketch of bridge at soilihull stn (version2) - Copy

sketch for “Road and Rail”

jerry birbeck-a rather special painting article p27 enjoying mg may 2016

” a rather special painting”

by Jerry Birkbeck

p 27 enjoying MG magazine May 2016

Giclee prints size 16 in x 12in are available priced at £60 each.

From sale of proceeds 10% will be donated to the Steam Trust.



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