Tatters (Press/Media)

scrap metal merchants - Copy

The Inspiration:

(freehand and painted in water based in oils)

A nostalgic scene in Birmingham during the 1960s.

See PRESS article in Warwickshire Touchbase magazine April/May 2009. ‘Kevin Parrish Takes a trip down memory lane’ page 61

See PRESS photograph on front of Carl Chinn’s Brummagem magazine, October 2007. ‘Birmingham Life Celebrated’. (featured article inside)

See PRESS article in the Leamington Spa Courier newspaper December 3 2004. ‘Rich tapestry of city life’

See PRESS article in the Leaington Spa Courier newspaper November 26 2004. ‘Exhibition offers a nostalgic look back at Birmingham past’

Tapestry Of Life Exhibition 2005

Kevin Alun Parrish © 2005