Birthright (ABWH)

The Inspiration:

(freehand and painted in oils)

This image was inspired by Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe (ABWH) of Yes fame.

A beautiful musical album released by them in 1989.

When I heard the track called Birthright, I immediately thought of the Aborigines in Australia.

Having spent some time working there, I became more aware of the Aborigines lifestyle by visiting Uluru (Ayres Rock) in 1981.

This experience helped me strike a chord with the ABWH lyrics in the song and the image was realised.

This image was chosen by Impact Films in 2006 for inclusion on the Classic Artists Yes DVD released in 2007.



Yes (ABWH)

Kevin Alun Parrish © 2005

Price: £195