Exiled On Earth

The Inspiration:

(freehand and painting in oils)

One of my favourite Doctor’s, Jon Pertwee, who played the role in many of my favourite Doctor Who stories from 1970 to 1974.

Ably supported by Nicholas Courtney (Brigadeer), Katy Manning (Jo Grant ) and Roger Delgado (The Master)

This image was used for a Doctor Who (Legends Who’s Who) Jigsaw Puzzle published and licensed by K D Publishing Ltd in 2007.

Published onto a Limited Edition postcard of 500.


See PRESS feature in Wolves of Fenric Newsletter February and May 2001 ‘Nostalgic Themes/ Doctor Who Exhibition 2001’

See PRESS article in Evening Telegraph newspaper UK  (front page) September 1   1998. ‘Job loss put new life in the frame’


letter from Nicholas Courtney

He was a brilliant entertainer and I always felt he had more talent than ambition and never really made use of all he had to offer.

Leslie Phillips



Doctor Who

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