Among The Stars (Mike Pinder)

The Inspiration:


(freehand and painted in oils)

This is Mike Pinder playing his Mellotron ‘Among The Stars’.


“You are the only Artist to regularly paint Mellotrons and we applaude that!”

Martin Smith (Streetly Electronics), All Things Mellotronic 2006.

“Kevin Parrish’s Moody Blues Art captures, in my opinion, many aspects of the musical journey of the band.

Kevin has a unique way of visually creating the “minds eye concepts” of the songs, the messages and the musicians.”

Mike Pinder (Moody Blues Mellotron Keyboard) 2006


One Step into the Light is a song that can be heard on Mike’s cosmic album of TIMELESS BEAUTY entitled Among the Stars.

This beautiful album was released in 1995.

Space Art and Moody Blues

Kevin Alun Parrish © 2006