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I would like to share some of these experiences with you through my Art below.

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kevin end photo, tim partridge and martina kabelkova (another copy)version1

My Promo Video (found at the top of the homepage on my website) was created by Tim Partridge and Martina Kabelkova (pictured above) flanking me (the Artist) on the 21 January 2015 at my studio in Royal Leamington Spa,  England, UK

It was a pleasure working with them.

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This Blog contains the following contents relating to my Art.

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14  PARRISH AND STEAM PRESERVATION    (updated 8 January 2016)




See my Warwick Collection, original monochrome oil paintings of historic Warwick buildings, including Warwick School, on my website under


Merchandise including greeting cards of the images are for sale.

Contact the artist.

A big thank you to the Local Courier Newspaper who have supported me over the years by publishing my Press Releases and promoting my Art and the Artist.

Contact their Newsdesk on 01926 457777 or email:

Warwick Court House oil painting portrayed at night with the Thomas Oken Tea Rooms bathed in moonlight.

The original oil painting was completed in 2014 and donated to the Court House in September 2014

The Court House painting, was commissioned by a Mr Nigel Grainger, former pupil at Warwick School (see image below) and spouse of the Mayor of Warwick 2014.

 For details of Mayor’s Charity Project, relating to the Court House painting, please follow my link below.

It was a challenge and a privilege to create this painting.

 The original painting is on display at the first floor of The Court House building in Warwick with an appropriate plaque underneath.


Looking on Thomas Oken Tea Rooms, Warwick, adjacent to the Court House 

Have a quintessential English tea there and enjoy the TIMELESS BEAUTY around you.

I visited the tea rooms on the 5 Oct 2015 and have returned many times since.

It was like walking into a time capsule.

Very enjoyable experience and the service from the staff was very polite and friendly

A framed print of my Warwick Court House image is on display there on the first floor.

Visit their website to find out more at

The Warwick Tourist Information Centre is located on the Ground Floor of The Court House.

visit website at

For more info regarding the Court House follow link

guys cliffe hse sept 15

Looking on the entrance to the ruins of Guys Cliffe House, Warwick


It was the annual Heritage Weekend in Warwick from the 9-13 September 2015 and many famous buildings were open to the public during this time.

Including the Guys Cliffe Walled Garden and Guys Cliffe House pictured above.

I visited Guys Cliffe House on the Saturday afternoon. The ruins looked beautiful and I did feel inspired as an Artist.

 It is well worth a look and for its deep history and TIMELESS BEAUTY..

Follow link below for more

It is believed that there are connecting tunnels beneath Warwick including from Guys Cliffe House to Warwick Castle.

The Walled Garden has been run by Volunteers since 2014 and used to be part of the Kitchen Garden for Guys Cliffe’s House.

Find out more by following link

I visited the Autumn Fair at the NEC Birmingham (UK) in early September 2015 and met a lady at her trade stand who promotes and represents The Alternative Image Company.

It was a pleasure to meet her and we spoke of our interest in Dr Who too.

This company publishes a great collection of retro/vintage black and white and colour Greeting Cards and they showed considerable interest in my black and white paintings to add to their collection.

Follow link below to visit their website

Jigsaw Puzzles depicting Parrish images were released in September 2015 by JHG Jigsaws based in Salisbury Wiltshire.UK

Nine images were published including Power and the Glory, Aqueduct and Viaduct, Barston Hall, Berkswell Windmill, Warwick Castle, Knowle Top Lock and Norton Junction (500 piece, size 48cm x 35cm) Top Lock and Loxley Church (1000 piece, size 48cm x 69cm)


See my Railway artwork page created on

The Guild Of Railway Artists page

Follow link


Discover more about Kevin’s Art by reading his interview with Wonderstreet on Sat June 11 2016

follow Link below



Warwick Castle painted from the popular vantage point on the road bridge crossing the River Avon.


the original oil painting portrays the TIMELESS BEAUTY of historic Warwick Castle.

Find out more by following the Link below 

The aesthetically pleasing look to the facade of Warwick Boys School

(the building has a symmetry and a TIMELESS BEAUTY about it)


(original oil painting above endorsed by Headmaster of Warwick School)

follow link below to find out more about this historic school on Myton Road, Warwick

See my Warwick Collection (Scenes of historic Warwick buildings, including Warwick School), in monochrome oils on my website at

the ambience and TIMELESS BEAUTY of Mill Street in moonlight


This oil painting portrays the historic Mill Street in Warwick.

The street leads down to Warwick Castle.

It was the only street in Warwick to remain unscathed from the Great Fire of Warwick in 1694.

At the bottom of this attractive street is the beautiful Mill Garden, open to the public, adjacent to Warwick Castle.

Follow link below to find out more

We see a hive of activity outside Warwick Crown Court in its last session before it was closed in 2010

My oil painting of The Crown Court portrays it in session.

It is now closed after over 500 years.

Proceedings then transferred to the new Justice Courts in Leamington Spa during 2010.

The Courts were officially opened by the Queen in 2011.

More on its history can be found by following Link below

It’s a wintry scene at dusk and lights are on at Kings High School for Girls, conveying the end of another school day. 

The enchanting historic Eastgate with St Peters Chapel above provides the main focus of the painting


A commissioned oil painting by the Mitchell Gallery in Warwick during 2010

Read about this beautiful historic school dating back to 1879 in Smith Street Warwick by following link

In the distance we see Eastgate.

Eastgate has a fascinating history dating back to 914AD

Follow link and read on

A Dickensian look to the Lord Leycester Hospital at Night, illuminated by a Victorian street lamp


a commissioned oil painting by The Mitchell Gallery in Warwick in 2009.

(Used for the location filming of the Doctor Who Episode ‘The Shakespeare Code’ in 2006)

Discover more about this medieval gem of TIMELESS BEAUTY in Warwick by following link below

While visiting this historic building take time to have a cup of tea and lunch at the friendly Kitchen Brethren there dating back to 1571

Follow link below or Tel 07733550497

Behind the Hospital is the beautiful Hill Close Gardens adjacent to Warwick Race Course.

I recommend a visit to these Victorian Gardens

Follow link below and visit their website

The charming Snug bar inside the Zetland Arms is no more and the room has been refurbished


a commissioned oil painting of the interior of the Zetland Arms by the Mitchell Gallery in 2009

This public house dates back to 1926.

The charming wood panelled snug before you, is sadly no more.

The three gentlemen we see enjoying a drink, passed away not long after the completion of the oil painting.

Very sad.

It was a pleasure to have met them while creating this painting.

The pub has since been refurbished under new management.

Follow link to learn more of its history.

The moon shines on Church Street with the Zetland Arms on the left a further up the Street. 


a commissioned oil painting by the Mitchell Gallery in 2009

The TIMELESS BEAUTY of St Marys Church, Warwick is illuminated at the top of the street.

A climb up the inside of the tower is well rewarded with a spectacular aerial view of Warwick and beyond.

Follow link to discover more regarding this prestigious Church

The foreground on the left is Russell Lane Jewellers, established in the mid 1970s

Contact them for the pure art of Jewellery


Rebecca, one of a fleet of narrowboats built by Kate Boats glides through the water under Offchurch Viaduct on the Grand Union Canal in the late afternoon.


A commissioned oil painting by Kate Boats, based in Nelson Street Warwick

To hire a boat, including Rebecca (portrayed here having passed under the TIMELESS BEAUTY of Offchurch Viaduct, near Radford Semele on the Grand Union Canal) follow link below


Passengers walk towards the station entrance in time to catch the Express Passenger train approaching from Leamington Spa


(an oil painting of Warwick Milverton Station)

Sadly the above station building was demolished in the 1960s.

Read more on this attractive building by following the link below

We look at a fireman emptying the smoke box of coal ash from a Super D G2 Class steam locomotive under gas lamp lighting in the late 1940s


(my impression of Warwick Milverton Engine Shed, around 1948

painted in oils.

Inspired by a fellow Rambler and Railway enthusiast)

Demolished in the 1960s and replaced by a Car Showroom, just off the Rugby Road in Leamington Spa, towards Old Milverton.

Read some more by following link below

I was invited to attend the annual Leamington and Warwick Model Railway Exhibition and my artwork, including Railways was on show and for sale from 2009 to 2014.

To be held at a new venue, namely the Royal Leamington Spa College in Leamington Spa on the 5th and 6th March 2016

Follow link for the refurbished College, including a friendly new Hair and Beauty Salon (Call 01926 318062 for an appointment)

I’ve exhibited my art with them over many years and have always enjoyed seeing the fabulous layouts on show from all round the country, including the local Club layouts.

There are numerous Model Railway/Preserved Railway related trade stands there too in support.

Follow link below regarding the Club.

Visit the Classic Train and Motorbus, a Model Railway Shop located in George Street, Royal Leamington Spa.

They do stock some of my Railway images in the form of Greeting cards and Postcards.

The staff are friendly and  knowledgeable about Railways.

A railway enthusiasts delight!

Telephone 01926 887499

or follow link to their website

 Stay at the Globe Hotel while discovering the TIMELESS BEAUTY of Warwick

Its history dates from 1788, follow link below

The rare sight of pedestrians walking in the Parade during the day and not a vehicle to be seen.


The Parade was pedestrians only, in early August 1971, only for a short period  (no vehicles at all) as an experiment to encourage pedestrianisation by the local Council.

Th oil painting portrays a sunny Saturday morning.

It was part of a sell out of original oil paintings at my art exhibition at Warwick Studios Gallery in Leamington during 2008.

(It is based on a photograph found in the local Times newspaper in 2005)

The Leamington Society have more details, follow link below

a nostalgic look on snowy Bath Street, Old Leamington Spa in the 1960s

(I can see a Finefare supermarket in the distance on the right)


The oil painting looks up Bath Street from the corner of Abbotts Street, in the 1960s.

We have Curry’s shop on the left in the foreground.

(based on a photograph found in local Times newspaper in Sept 2005)

A Fine fare supermarket can be seen up on the right hand side.

This painting was part of a sell out Art Exhibition at Warwick Studios Gallery in 2005

For scenes of Old Leamington on postcards, please follow links

The early morning TIMELESS BEAUTY of Jephson Gardens with the historic Pump rooms as a backdrop


(the oil painting was commissioned by a local friend)

The beautiful gardens were built in honour of Sir Henry Jephson who helped promote the healing properties of the Spa Waters for the poor residents of Leamington Spa at the time. The Spa waters are located in the Pump Rooms on the right of my image.

Follow link to learn more

For more on the historic Pump Rooms visit website below